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THT mounting and assembling

THT placement and mounting are integral parts of electronic modules assembly. It is performed by highly-qualified personnel on automated assembly lines. 

Placement and mounting of all types of lead components is performed on three mounting and assembly lines.

Mounting methods:

  • manual soldering;
  • on the FIRE FLAY selective laser soldering system;
  • on the JR2300N soldering robot (Japan) (with J-CAT300 N-Luna controller);
  • group soldering of lead components and glued elements of surface mounting (combined method) is performed with a double reflow soldering technology in nitric environment using ERSA N-Wave-330F equipment.

SKD assembly of products is performed on automated assembly lines.

The plant also offers pressing Harting connectors into holes on original pressing machines as per PRESS-FIT technology.

Connector description
Connector type - Harting

Male connector

09 73 196 6974

Female connector

09 03 296 6861

Female connector

09 03 296 6850

Female connector

09 03 264 6851

Female connector

09 73 196 6904

Nowadays radio electronic components installation as per PRESS-FIT (pressing into holes) technology is becoming more and more widespread. Connectors, produced using this technology are highly reliable and capable of competing with soldered connectors. This technology is characterized by a high level of maintainability and economical efficiency. Pressing process accelerates mounting several times, and absence of soldering in the technology makes it environmentally friendly and excludes the necessity of further rinsing traces of solder and flux from the surface of a product.

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