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Surface Mount Technology

Experimental and small batch manufacturing of products

In production of electronic devices that are produced in single (experimental) samples or small batches surface mounted radio elements are mounted in a semiautomatic mode using manipulation mechanisms and semiautomatic machines for component placement that are equipped with vacuum tweezers.

Serial product manufacture

Surface mounting of components is performed on four automated surface mount assembly lines. They allow for surface mounting and soldering of a wide range of components for serial and large scale production upon conformance with IPC international standard and GOST.

All the lines and assembly lines are equipped with most advanced equipment, together with high qualification of the personnel it ensures high quality of manufactured products.

Technological capabilities:

  • Number of automated surface mount assembly lines – 4;
  • Output capacity according to IPC 9850 – up to 90 000 components per hour;
  • PCB dimensions, max. – 440 x 460 mm.

Mounted Components:

  • Packaged chip components, size from 0201;
  • PQFN, SOJ, PQFP, PLCC microcircuits, lead pitch 0,3 mm;
  • L-lead and J-lead components;
  • BGA, μBGA, CSP components with dimensions from 32 x 32 mm to 55 x 55 mm, min. lead pitch 0,5 mm.

Additionally ELARA JSC can offer you PCB washing after mounting chip components using a solder paste reflow method on the 23-03-T spray cleaning system assembly, Riebesam company.

Quality control

After surface mounting all PCBs go through a 100% visual control on automatic optical inspection machines MARANTZ iSPECTOR, HML 650 and HMA 650.

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