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BGA mounting

The plant offers packaged BGA, Micro BGA, CSP microcircuits mounting both for experimental and small-scale batches, and serial production in an automatic mode. 

High cost of the packaged BGA, Micro BGA, CSP microcircuits mounting service is conditioned by technological complexity of mounting and construction. 

For experimental and small-scale batches of products 

The plant offers mounting and soldering of electronic modules with packaged BGA, Micro BGA, CSP components, types:

  • maximum dimensions from 6 x 6 to 32 x 32 mm with minimum pitch 0,75 mm, and minimum ball diameter 0,3 mm;
  • maximum PCS dimensions: 300 x 620 mm.

Technologies used for mounting BGA and Micro BGA components:

  • component placement is performed on the ERSA-PL550A video positioning system (Germany);
  • soldering and disassembling is performed on the ERSA-IR550A microprocessor-based soldering system with infrared emission source (Germany).

For serial product manufacture 

The company offers mounting and soldering of electronic modules with packaged BGA, Micro BGA, CSP type components on automated assembly lines.

  • Automated mounting of BGA, mBGA, CSP components with dimensions from 55 x 55 mm, lead pitch 0,5 mm. Ball diameter is not restricted.
  • Maximum PCB dimensions – 460 x 460 mm.

Quality control of BGA components soldering is performed:

  • on the NANOMEX X-ray control system, report presentation is included.

X-ray control is one of non-destructive control methods that allows to discover soldering connection defects that cannot be detected visually: voids, bridges, cracks, solder balls, nonwetting.

  • on the ERSASCOPE-3000 (Germany) optical control system that allows to obtain an image of soldering connections quality on a computer screen at a maximum magnification 300X. Minimum distance between a component package and a PCB that allows for an inspection – 0,05 mm, when free space is available – 5 mm. The defect data base of soldering connections allows to rapidly identify a defect in the process of production and take preventative actions.

Reballing of microcircuit ball leads 

Reballing of packaged BGA, CSP and QFN microcircuit ball leads of all sizes is performed on the MARTIN ReBall 03.1 machine.

When placing an order for mounting of packaged BGA microcircuits it is highly recommended to provide manufacturer information on the composition of microcircuit leads and temperature modes for soldering. 

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