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Electronic Tachometer 56.3813, 5607.3813

Electronic Tachometer
Electronic TachometerModel: 56.3813 and modifications

Designed to monitor the number of engine rotations and values of operating hours of a truck or a bus.

Certificate of compliance № РОСС RU.АЯ74.H06632

Basic characteristics:

1) Manufactured in two climatic modifications – U and T – of 2nd placement category, suitable for export:

  • from -20 to +60ºC – for T2 modification;
  • from -40 to +60ºC – for U2 modification.

2) yellow-green LED illumination;

3) availability of the password-protected function of engine operation modes calibration (reduced/increased engine rpm, normal engine rpm);

4) electronic display of operating hours values, total and intermediate operating hours;

5) provides monitoring and indication of engine operation zones using indicating lights:

  • «Reduced engine rpm»;
  • «Optimal engine rpm»;
  • «Increased engine rpm».

6) functions in the following modes:

  • «Operation» mode;
  • «Self-testing» mode;
  • «Failure» node;
  • «Programming» mode.

7) meets the requirements for interference immunity to conducted interference of the in-vehicle electric network.

Technical characteristics:

Operating supply voltage, V


Overall dimensions, mm

150 x 71

Weight, kg (max)


Consumption current, A


Maintenance manuals:

Electronic Tachometer 56.3813.

Maintenance manual ADIG.453895.002 RE.

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