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Control Panel for the Truck Mixer Drive

Control Panel for the Truck Mixer Drive
Control Panel for the Truck Mixer Drive
The control panel for the truck mixer drum drive is designed for starting up a self-contained diesel engine of the mixing drum drive and displaying the information on the drive functional and technical state.

The panel functions: 

  • start-up of the engine;
  • switching on of the spot light;
  • engine hour metering;
  • diagnostics and display of operation parameters.

The panels provides diagnostics and display of the following parameters

  • incidental oil pressure;
  • coolant critical temperature;
  • battery discharge;
  • generator malfunction;
  • air filter clogging.

KAMAZ.jpgIn case of an engine malfunction, the control panel will signal by means of red light-emitting diodes, external audio alarm and an error message transmission on a CAN-bus (at KAMAZ vehicles equipped with the instrument boards manufactured by JSC ELARA, an error message is displayed on the instrument board display).

The device is fully interchangeable (mounting seats, the connector) with MC 704 H panel manufactured by EHB-electronics, Germany and can be used without restriction on the following models of ready-mix trucks manufactured by Tuymazinskiy Ready-Mix Trucks Plant and having the mixing drum driven by the self-contained engine: 58146Z, 58146T, 58147Z, 58147A, 58148Z, 58148Y, 58140Z.

Technical specifications:

  • Supply voltage: +18 V... +30 V;
  • Aluminum body IP54;
  • Working temperatures range: –40°С... +60°С;
  • Electronic engine hour meter;
  • CAN-bus;
  • Ignition switch with two universal keys;
  • Protection from starter re-engagement while the engine is running;
  • Protection from output short-circuits and polarity reversal;
  • Warranty: 2 years.


Maintenance manuals:

Control panel for ready-mix trucks

Maintenance manual ADIG.453636.008 RE.

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